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Musical Bingo Nation is an entertainment company that provides Public, Private, and Virtual Musical Bingo Events! 

We perform musical bingo at all types of events. We host public events at restaurants & breweries in New England & Florida every weekWe have over 40 music rounds to play, so you will always have a new one to try. 


We provide Virtual Musical Bingo Events through Zoom worldwide! These are great for work teams & students. Contact us to book your event now! 



- Musical Bingo Nation 

For more information about our Weekly Events in New England

For more information about our Weekly Events in Florida



“So much fun!! If you love music bring your friends for the best way to ever play Bingo! They keep the game going at a nice pace while indulging group sing a longs “

- Deanna

“We love our weekly musical bingo night! Customers are having a lot of fun playing! 

- J.P.

Perfect combination of engagement, and freedom to socialize for any bar/restaurant/corporate outing/heck even night club!

- JD

“Not your Grandma's bingo! So much fun for all ages. I highly recommend checking it out.”

- Desiree

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Music Rounds

Music Rounds


At the moment we feature music from the 60s-2K10s Decades. Each Music Round features the top billboard songs from that Decade. Go back in time with the most nostalgic songs you grew up & still love today. The Decade music rounds are great for specific age groups.

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These rounds Are great for everyone. A Genre is a musical style, and in this section we feature Funk/Disco, Dance, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Rock, etc.



The theme music rounds are some of our players favorites. These rounds can be a little tricky but the playlists are always designed to play popular songs. The music round themes are:​

One Hit Wonders which is a musical artist who is successful with one hit song.

Top Party Songs features the best songs over the years that have been played in Party settings.​

Top Requests is a combination of songs that we like to call the people choice, some of you favorite all time hits will be in this round.

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