Virtual Events

>> We are now providing Virtual Events via Zoom 

>> It's a great way to keep everyone connected and entertained 

>> These events are perfect for Community Groups, Friends & Families, Fundraisers, and Work Teams

>> Over 30 music rounds to choose from 



















We send out emails with detailed instructions on how to play and make the process simple, by sending a direct link to a Zoom video meeting for people to join. Players can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone and are able to print their musical bingo cards out or use the cards digitally. We have everyone log onto a zoom video meeting and then broadcast music through it after we explain the rules and do introductions. Players get to sing, dance, and enjoy their favorite music while interacting with each other through the chat feature during the round. Our virtul events can host up to 100 players per game. We have one music round per session which lasts 50 minutes and has 3 winners. 

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Virtual Team Meeting

“The 7th and 8th grade students at SJS took part in Musical Bingo during Catholic Schools Week.  Every student loved the music chosen for the class level and it was something everyone knew. In fact many of the students have created playlists from their Bingo board. During the game, many of the students were found dancing around at their seats. The gentleman in charge was kind and accommodating.” 

Christine Whitehead, St Johns School Peabody

“Our company has used Musical Bingo Nation virtually for several occasions and everyone always has a blast! They handle all the details and are very responsive. I highly recommend them.

-Heather Robertson, Massachusetts Bar Association

We partnered with Musical Bingo Nation to bring their Musical program to our Autism Community!  Based on the Pandemic, they went virtual with their program and we were able to host it with very good success! Those that participated had a great time playing the game!  Gregory divers a program with excellent quality that translates to fun for all!  We would definitely offer this program again in the future! 

- Vicky Westra, Autism Shifts 

"Gregory made planning our virtual bingo a snap and me an office hero. 

I highly recommend the event to anyone thinking about it." 

- Karen Schmidlkofer, Alaska Bar Association