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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Musical Bingo?

  • is a game with the same concept as traditional bingo but instead of numbers, they are replaced with artists & song titles. Players compete to win based on the unpredictability of the board & their knowledge of music. Each game consists of a few different rounds with contrasting genres and decades. So take your headphones off, exercise your musical knowledge, and be a part of an awesome night, celebrating Music!

How do I play?

  • First you will receive a bingo card and marker

  • Look over your card which has 25 squares, these will be filled with song and artists

  • A professional DJ/MC will announce the theme of the round & will start to play music

  • Your job is to listen carefully, and cross off 5 squares in a row on your sheet to WIN

  • If you cross out 5 squares / songs in a row, yell BINGO, and bring your card up to the DJ Table. We will then check to see if your answers are correct and if you’ve won a Prize!

How old do I have to be to play?

  • Musical Bingo is for all ages but the age limit applies depending on the venues that will be hosting us (eg: bars 21+). Although generally in order to play, players should be able to read and have have a general understanding/general knowledge of music and song lyrics.

What kind of music do you play?

  • All sorts,We do everything from specific genres (Classic Rock, Pop, Reggae, ect),Decades (60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc), and Themes (One Hit Wonders, Top Requests).   

Do we win anything after calling B-I-N-G-O?

  • Yes, you’ll win great prizes consisting of Gift Certificates, Koozies & T Shirts!

Will I be able to eat during the game?

  • Yes, just check the event details or call the establishment ahead of time to make sure they serve food or allow you to bring snacks!

I’m not a dedicated Music Fan, will I still have Fun?

  • Yes.  Our playlist are designed to satisfy the normal musical listener, while keeping the Musical Guru intrigued as well.

How many players attend Musical Bingo Games?

  • Our average players for each game is currently 40.  

How long do your Events & Music Rounds last?

  • Our events are about 2 ½  to 3 Hrs each, and the Music Rounds are an Hour each for Normal Rounds & a Half Hour for the Bonus Round.

Do I need to sign up when I get to the event?

  • Nope, We will announce when the rounds is about to start and then bring the cards and markers around, just find a open seat or table to play at!

Does it cost us anything to play?

  • All of our public games are free to play, unless we're doing a charity event.

How Many Music Rounds are played for each event?

  • We play 2 regular rounds & a bonus round, so 3 total for each event!

Do you have intermission in between your Music Rounds?

  • Yes! We always take a 15-20 min intermission, to allow players to get food/drinks, catch up with their friends & so the game doesn't feel rushed.

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