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About Musical Bingo Nation LLC

Musical Bingo Nation is an entertainment company dedicated to providing professional & successful musical bingo events. We host public musical bingo events at Bars, Breweries, & Restaurants, & we also run private events at Country Clubs, Corporate Outings & Retirement Communities throughout Florida & New England. We now host Virtual Events through Zoom Video Meetings as well. We are one of the only companies in the country to be completely dedicated to Musical Bingo! Our goal is to consistently provide a fun, friendly & exciting environment while playing great music for you to enjoy! 

Musical Bingo is a game using the same concept as traditional bingo. Letters & numbers are replaced with songs titles & artists. Players compete to win based on their knowledge of music & the unpredictability of the game. Each game consists of different music rounds that feature... decades, genres & themes. Mark your card when the DJ plays your song, get 5 in a row & yell BINGO!!  

Musical Bingo Cards New .png
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