About Musical Bingo Nation LLC

Musical Bingo Nation is an entertainment company dedicated to providing professional & successful musical bingo events. We host public musical bingo events at Bars, Breweries, & Restaurants, & we also run private events at Country Clubs, Corporate Outings & Retirement Communities throughout Florida. We have a positive attitude & a great work ethic because we love what we do. Our goal is to consistently provide a fun, friendly & exciting environment while playing great music for your customers to enjoy! We are experienced, know our way around a crowd & have exceptional people skills. Part of our job is to interact with your customers & guests on a personal level. We enjoy that to the fullest!

Musical Bingo is a game using the same concept as traditional bingo.  Letters & numbers are replaced with songs titles & artists. Players compete to win based on their knowledge of music & the unpredictability of the game. Each game consists of different music rounds that feature... decades, genres & themes.

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